About Curative Behavioral

Curative Behavioral is a multiservice, outpatient clinic located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We offer our clients a range of resources for mental health issues, and substance use disorders.

At Curative Behavioral, we believe your overall well being relies on multiple components, which is why we take a collaborative approach to your health. We have a team of specialists in psychiatric care, behavioral health, substance use disorder and mental health so you can meet all your healthcare needs in one place. Our team collaborates to ensure you and your loved ones receive complete and individualized care.

Our redesigned approach to traditional healthcare enables us to provide an integrative care plan to meet your needs. We focus on the whole person with services for the mind, body, and spirit - including physical, emotional, behavioral, and wellness services which are accessible and affordable for our community.

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Outpatient Care and Personalized Services

At Curative Behavioral we offer the following:

Our personalized treatment experience begins by working with the client to construct a program suited to their unique needs.

Our Caring Staff

Our caring staff dedicates their time to meet each individual’s unique needs by providing a client-centered approach. Our team of professionals includes a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, and nurse practitioner, as well as master’s-level and licensed therapists. Everyone on our staff, from our client care managers to our therapists, is committed to helping our clients achieve success.

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Independent Living Skills

In addition to evidence-based treatments, clients learn the skills they need to live a healthy, rewarding, and productive life. Some of the skills clients learn include mental health and addiction recovery management, and coping strategies.

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Commitment to Clinical Excellence Through Compassion

Curative Behavioral is committed to offering the highest quality whole-person approach to healthcare. We are here to help everyone succeed and go on to live healthy lives full of hope and purpose. Our comprehensive and holistic approach gives every client who walks through our doors access to the treatments, therapies, and skill sets needed to start a new, healthy life.

If you or someone you know needs help, call us at 877-781-5821. Healing begins here.

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