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When you seek treatment for addiction or your mental health, one key is to get compassionate care from a well-trained and certified staff. Your mental health is at stake. 

It’s important to find a psychiatric program within a treatment facility that has trained and certified psychiatric professionals who will be able to find, diagnose, and heal the challenges you face from mental health issues. 

When battling mental health disorders and/or substance use disorders, there are months-long stretches that are not easy to get through. Even small moments are hard to get through. As the world keeps moving forward, we feel stuck and lost in our own minds. 

Speaking with psychiatric care counselors and providers will hopefully bring a calmness and peace of mind back into your life.

What is Psychiatric Care?

Psychiatry is the medical term for the clinical specialty in mental illness; specifically, the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental illness. 

Psychiatric care is the care put into healing a patient’s mind in treatment by diagnosing the problem and then working to fix it through various services. 

In psychiatric care, patients take part in an evaluation to see if there are any clear signs of a mental health disorder. If there is a disorder, then the care program can include psychotherapy, group therapy, and medication management.

A psychiatric evaluation will help a certified psychiatric provider diagnose a patient and identify relevant psychosocial issues. The provider may then recommend medications be used for treating mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or other issues. 

Forms of Psych Treatment

As mentioned above, psychiatric care includes a mix of psychotherapy, group therapy, and medication management. 

PPIC Group Therapy

Group therapy 

A form of psychotherapy in which a person speaks in a group setting with others in similar situations. This allows for a patient to feel like they have things in common with others. Group therapy is supervised by a therapist or other mental health professional. 

Medication management 

The overseeing of medications prescribed to a person to ensure proper treatment to reach the desired goal of a healthy life.  

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Do I Need Psychiatric Services For Substance Use?

Many times, mental health disorders are hidden under a substance use disorder. A person may turn to substances to cope with a mental health disorder they are not even aware exists. 

When there is a mental health disorder working underneath the guise of a substance use disorder, it’s referred to as a co-occurring disorder. 

No matter how the co-occurring disorders present themselves, it is of the utmost importance to address them during treatment. Unresolved issues can leave a patient at a high risk of lapse or relapse. 

The most common co-occurring disorders are anxiety, depression, and PTSD. While they are the most common, these certainly are not the only mental health disorders that can lead a person to use substances to cope. Other commonly found conditions that are tied to substance use are OCD, trauma, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. 

With the help of a psychiatrist, a person will be evaluated to see if any of these conditions, or possibly others, exist in their life. 

The key here is to know psychiatric care will be used as a way to hopefully find the root cause of your substance use disorder.

Beginning Therapy 

When beginning treatment with the use of psychiatric services, a client will start by communicating with the medical staff of a facility to assess their needs for mental health and substance use treatment. 

PPIC Intake Specialist

After the possibility of detox, a client will then meet with a psychiatrist to do an analysis of their mental health and behavioral health. From this meeting, a counselor will create a plan for treatment that addresses substance use disorder and the possible underlying issues. 

Depending on needs, detox may be required for a patient. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may be a possibility for a client at this point. 

Services Provided in Scottsdale

With a psychiatric nurse practitioner on site, Curative Behavioral in Scottsdale is a great option for those in need of psychiatric care.

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who specializes in the mental health of adults, families, children, communities, or groups. The nurse practitioner at Curative Behavioral will work to help our clients understand their possible psychiatric disorders or illnesses and help draw the lines to how this may be causing substance use. 

While many other centers cannot provide this on site, at Curative Behavioral in Scottsdale, our clients will receive evaluations through psychotherapy, group therapy, medication management, and more from our staff. 

In psychotherapy at Curative Behavioral, clients work with our dedicated team to guide them through the process of recovery. During this part of treatment, our clients will work on the underlying mental health issues that may be triggering their substance use. By doing this, clients are able to learn the contributing factors that lead to their substance use or learn more about their mental health challenges. 

The nurse practitioner will also work with you on a plan of medication management if necessary. This process will help you reach the full potential of recovery by curbing the effects of the mental or behavioral health disorder you may be facing. 

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While we know the journey that led you to seek help from our center is not one that you will have fond memories of, we want to help you focus on the exciting possibilities the rest of your life will bring. 

At Curative Behavioral, our clients receive the most effective treatments available. Our cutting-edge and evidence-based treatments deliver desired results, while the staff delivers the passionate care that everyone deserves. 

We are excited to hear from you and ready to help you begin your journey with us. We believe achieving long-term recovery is possible with the use of the right therapies. We have the options to give you the tools to get there. 

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What can I expect from a psychiatric consultation?

In a psychiatric consultation, a certified psychiatric professional will work to understand the causes of your struggles to find the mental health disorders you may be facing. 

Some of the disorders a psychiatric provider is looking for in evaluation and therapy are anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, or others.

Why am I being referred to a psychiatrist?

In speaking with a psychiatrist, regardless of whether you are seeking treatment for a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder, you will be taking a step toward recovery. 

With the use of therapy, case management, and medication management, you will be able to find the root cause of your issues.

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